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Wednesday September 12, 2018: Evening

Reception and Registration: UCD Animal Science Gateway

6:00 PM Reception and Registration

Opening Session: Cole A

7:30 PM Introduction of Dean
James Murray - University of California, Davis
7:35 PM Dean's Welcome
Helene Dillard - University of California, Davis


Session 1: History of the California Net Energy System: Cole A

7:45 PM History of energetics leading to the net energy system
Cal Ferrell - USDA ARS, Retired, Ferrell Farms, Saronville, NE
8:15 PM Glen Lofgreen, Bill Garrett, and the California Net Energy System (CNES)
Richard Zinn - University of California, Davis

Thursday September 13, 2018: Morning

Session 2: The California Net Energy System in Practice: Giedt Hall

8:00 AM Can we really use animal performance data to determine feed NE values?
Fred Owens - Oklahoma State University
8:20 AM Real-world applications of the CNES
Robbi Pritchard - Consultant, Aurora, SD
8:40 AM How does the NE system work in practice? Is it really helpful?
Jon Beckett - Feedlot Consultant, Fallbrook, CA
9:00 AM Relationships among DE, ME, and NE in current feedlot diets
Kristin Hales - USDA ARS, Clay Center, NE
9:20 AM How do you integrate DE predictions into NE systems?
Bill Weiss - The Ohio State University
9:40 AM Discussion
Michael Hubbert  - Chr. Hansen
10:00 AM Break

Session 3: The California Net Energy System for Breeding Animals: Giedt Hall

10:30 AM Applications of the CNES to grazed forages - Feed values and animal requirements
David Lalman Oklahoma State University
10:55AM What are the energy coefficients for cows?
Harvey Freetly USDA ARS, Clay Center, NE
11:20 AM  Maternal nutrition and programming of offspring energy requirements
Joel Caton North Dakota State University
11:40 AM Discussion
Anita Oberbauer University of California, Davis

Thursday September 13, 2018: Noon

Lunch: Meyer Hall Breezeway

12:00 Noon Lunch

Thursday September 13, 2018: Afternoon

Session 4: The California Net Energy System for the Tropics: Giedt Hall

1:00 PM The CNES for Bos Indicus
Mario Chizzotti - Federal University Viçosa, Brazil
1:20 PM How does the CNES have to change for Brazilian
Dante Lanna - University of São Paulo, Piracicaba,
1:40 PM Does the CNES work for goats?
Izabelle Teixiera - São Paulo State University,
Jaboticabal, Brazil

Session 5: Modelling and the California Net Energy System: Giedt Hall

2:00 PM How did Garrett and Lofgreen do the math?
Jim Oltjen  - University of California, Davis
2:20 PM What about the mathematical absurdities in theCNES?
Carl Old - Consultant
2:40 PM Relationships between retained energy and retained protein
Luis Tedeschi - Texas A & M University
3:00 PM Multivariate modeling for re retained energy and protein
Luis Moraes - The Ohio State University
3:20 PM Discussion
Frank Delfino - Consultant

Session 6: Nutrient Interactions: Giedt Hall

4:00 PM Are nutrient fluxes the next step?
Isabelle Ortigues - INRA Theix, France
4:20 PM How does rumen fermentation affect NE values?
Antonio Faciola - University of Florida
4:40 PM Net Energy interactions with mineral status
Stephanie Hansen - Iowa State University
5:00 PM How does protein affect the CNES?
Evan Titgemeyer - Kansas State University
5:20 PM Discussion

Thursday September 13, 2018: Evening

Dinner: Cole Facility, Horse Barn Arena, Animal Science Gateway

5:45 PM Social Hour
6:45 PM Dinner

Friday September 14, 2018: Morning

Session 7: The California Net Energy System and Individual Efficiency: Multipurpose Room, Student Community Center

8:00 AM What is efficiency?
Roberto Sainz - University of California, Davis
8:20 AM Metabolism and feed efficiency
Katie Wood - University of Guelph
8:40 AM Maternal metabolic efficiency on cow lifetime productivity and offspring efficiency
Allison Meyer - University of Missouri
9:00 AM Management practices to improve efficiency?
Dan Shike - University of Illinois
9:20 AM Discussion
Roberto Sainz University of California, Davis
9:40 AM Break

Session 8: The Future of the California Net Energy System: Multipurpose Room, Student Community Center

10:00 AM How do we incorporate disease effects in the CNES?
Clint Krehbiel - University of Nebraska
10:20 AM What's next after ME and NE systems?
Hutton Oddy - New South Wales DPI, Armidale, Australia
10:40 AM How can feeding-behavior patterns and the NE system be utilized to predict DMI?
Gordon Carstens - Texas A&M University
11:00 AM How does NE system help (or not) with methane and GHG prediction?
Kris Johnson - Washington State University
11:20 AM Discussion
James Oltjen - University of California, Davis
11:40 AM What have I heard? Conference summary
Michael Galyean - Texas Tech University

Friday September 14, 2018: Afternoon

Optional Tour

1:00 PM Depart
West Side Meyer Hall
1:15 PM UCD Feedlot
Tour of Facilities - Straloch Road, Davis, Ca 95616
2:30 AM Bus ride to Winters
Narrated tour of CA Agriculture
3:15 PM Berryessa Gap Winery
Winery Tour and Tasting, Nicole Salenga, Winemaker
27260 Hwy 128 Winters, CA 95697
4:15 PM Berryessa Brewing Company
Craft Brewery Country Setting
27260 Hwy 128 Winters, CA 95697
5:00 PM Depart for Davis
6:00 PM Arrive in Davis, Drop off at Hotels